About Jen

“Choose your Life; don’t settle for it.”

After years of searching for the right mix of healing and understanding required to free an individual from their negative self-talk and patterns, I feel I am there.  I feel alive, I feel awakened and I am delighted to be able to release the binds that no longer serve us.

Its taken many years and many modalities – and its been worth every minute.  My quest now is to share with you the “easier road” to releasing the burdens from long held patterns, including self-sabotage, anxiety, fear and scars from judgement that we often carry.

Anxiety grips the modern world needlessly.  Expectations from others and ourselves leave us numb in our everyday life!  Why? Mostly, patterning from childhood.

I am passionate about my work. Life is to be lived!  Too many of us are stuck in old patterns that hamper our true joy.

My quest is to help you break free of these relentless negative patterns and replace them with the feeling of true knowing.  The knowing of who you really are.

Come alive.  Live your best life with ease and joy.

“Until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences”

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” – Carl Jung

If you have ever wondered if this is for you, for any reason, my advice is to absolutely go for it – trust Jen, and let her use her incredible talents to guide you through this amazing process – you’ll be on the best hands possible.


I feel that Jen’s work has not only given me the foundation to become more of my authentic self but has given me the ability to re-connect with myself more quickly when life throws challenges in my direction.