I have had a few healing sessions with Jen, both in person & over the phone. I have no preference as to which is better as both ways have been extremely  beneficial to me.
I was very suprised at how long i had been holding onto past hurts, misunderstandings, anger, resentment and the like. Decades of stuff that affected & contributed to my life over the years & was preventing me from moving forward. Jen helped me join the dots as to what was holding me back, so that i could finally let go & what an amazing feeling, truly letting go is.
Amazing, just doesn’t cut it with Jen & her magic.
I highly, highly recommend her, you will feel like your eyes have been opened up to a whole new understanding of you & the world around you for the better.
I will continue to highly recommend Jen White to who ever is willing & wanting to let go of past trauma.

Donna Liu

Central Coast Psychic, Central Coast NSW

Jen has a sensitive, free flowing energy that brings a sense of comfort and ease.  Her sessions are gentle, as she digs deep to shift the blocks that have been holding you back



My practitioner Jen worked her skill and made her ministrations. Unlike on the mountain, where nothing touched me but smoke, sky and earth, this was a physical experience. I felt safe to release myself and receive Jens therapeutic energy. Unlike the mountain where I was called to connection, this was a call to surrender. Jen and I have worked together before, so I had some idea of what to expect. But I also knew she would be guided both by her intuition, and the promptings of my energy, both the strong and in process, and the veiled and reticent. When we are able to allow ourselves to be guided into a space where our own healer is able to observe, have compassion for and minister to our own healing, this is a magical and mystical – as well as a downright practical – therapeutic work. All true healing of ourselves can only come of ourselves. Those who deeply understand how to activate our own healing, wisdom, energy and knowledge and create safe spaces for this work to occur are few and far between. But the serendipity of Jen and I meeting in the past few months reinforces my belief there are no coincidences.
I’ve immersed myself in various kinds of energy work, and I’ve taken something from all of them. For Jen and I to coincide right now is a gift. Jen practices Theta Energy work, delving dynamically beneath light and shadow tropes to source within and without. Ive not experienced anything like her sessions, and whilst they’re in progress I have no idea what will transpire. Jen always provides a caveat explaining what she expects might happen for her part, and this could be confronting for some. But what confronts us can also open us up if we allow. I find it easy to move beyond meta energy to explore the theta now under Jens direction. The sessions we’ve had have been revelatory to me and I’m looking forward to more as I grow into and through this challenging time in my life.
If you’re in a place where you’re ready to approach your spiritual, personal, psychic and energetic process from a new perspective, I encourage you to contact Jen White for a release work session. Sessions can be held at the shop or over the phone.
Jo Hilder

Sister Jo Bangles , Central Coast NSW

I received the gift of being helped and accompanied by Jen when needing help with releasing tensions and unease. What a patient and kind person dedicated to helping others in her quality of presence.

Jen has a big heart and very compassionate being and I truly invite anyone who needs someone, to even simply hold space for what needs to be expressed to be welcome and well treated in her soft and strong space.


Soul Bridger, Bali

Jen’s incredible energy and empathy are quite simply amazing; both put to brilliant employ with Theta healing. I really didn’t know much at all about the Theta practice, and whilst I knew I needed some sort of help with issues I was facing, I was hesitant in the beginning. But everything came together one particular day, when I was free, Jen had time and was extremely attuned to my energy.

The experience is challenging, unbelievably emotional and exhilarating, all at once. I walked away from that session exhausted, but lighter in spirit than I would ever have believed. I can’t wait for my next session to work on some deeper issues.

If you have ever wondered if this is for you, for any reason, my advice is to absolutely go for it – trust Jen, and let her use her incredible talents to guide you through this amazing process – you’ll be on the best hands possible.



My own passions and profession in the wellness industry has provided me with many skills, practices and values that have served me well and created much healing for others and myself over time. Deep routed emotions and experiences kept surfacing for me however that I was starting to feel hopeless and depleted, catching myself wondering “will I ever be free from this?”.

After just one session, Jen was able to identify a key belief structure that was blocking me from moving forward. In the next month we worked closely together to encourage this to be lifted and transformed. After each session I could physically see my face soften and would drive home radiating with joy. I feel that every area of my life shifted from doing this program, my relationships became stronger and peaceful, addictions were removed, confidence in self grew and my overall purpose in life became clearer.

I feel that Jen’s work has not only given me the foundation to become more of my authentic self but has given me the ability to re-connect with myself more quickly when life throws challenges in my direction. I look forward to doing more self-development work with Jen over time, as I recognise we are all wonderful works in progress and that we all benefit from in unity.



We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


I’ve worked with Jen over Skype several times and I was amazed by her strong intuition and the energetic shift that happened during our sessions. I could move some major limiting beliefs and felt completely supported during the whole process of digging what’s below the surface and letting go of what does not serve me any more. I can definitely recommend her sessions to anyone who trusts that change, healing and connection to the source is possible and that it can happen with lightness and ease.