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Theta Healing

Theta Healing® dissolves negative beliefs effortlessly, releasing old emotional bonds with total ease.
 It sets you free from whatever holds you back, removing any blocks to your highest potential.

Theta Healing® is a simple process allowing your limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind to be released effectively.  Beliefs have been imprinted on our subconscious mind from inception, something modern science is just identifying.  With the belief and feeling techniques the process of identifying and clearing blocks is immediate in some cases. Once identified Theta replaces the negative belief with a positive belief, allowing us to live in our full potential.

Vianna Stibal is the creator of Theta Healing®,  she says …

Ultimately, the ties we have with our family may be either shackles that limit our freedom or bonds that make us stronger.


EFT tapping is a process of tapping various parts of our body. As we tap we start to involve our Meridian systems and the part of the brain called the Amygdala. The Amygdala is our personal alarm system that initiates our brains reaction to fear, referred to a ‘fight or flight’.  When we are able to tap into this system and create a disruption our negative thoughts and beliefs are disturbed. EFT is effective, fast and a powerful way to unlock patterns of thought that hold us back. It is a powerful tool in the healing process, helping you to get out of your own way.


Reiki is a comforting and soothing modality. Relieving pain and speeding up the healing process, Reiki helps with emotional and physical trauma from the present and the past.  Laying hands on to comfort and relieve pain is as old as man. The process is like plugging in a lamp to electricity, once the hands are placed the light is turned on. Reiki is a remembering.

Shift Work

Shift Work is a personalised program Jen has developed. This program focuses on what you actually want to change in your life. Over 28 days you’ll shift and lift yourself, releasing and creating your own self-belief.


You will start to wake up to your own beautiful potential and what your life means to you.


Its easy, its fun and its effective.